Here is what my clients like to share about their experience

Jennifer Van Hyning

My Clinical EFT session with Julia Trenkle brought me some much- needed peace about an incident that had been bothering me. Even more bothersome about this incident was, that it represents one in a series of incidents that have bothered me in a relationship that is one of the most important in my life. Unlike what would have happened if I had brought this matter up in talk therapy, I didn’t even have to tell Julia the details of the incident. That was comforting, because doing so might have really bothered me. Not talking directly about the incident and not even thinking specifically about it put some space in between me and some upsetting details of the incident, my thoughts, and feelings. Julia helped me use my imagination to store my feelings in a container, which I placed in a secure space that my imagination called into being. Remembering the storage container and space make me happy as I write this.

This Clinical EFT technique that Julia used to help me process difficult emotions is one that practitioners like her are trained to use. (This particular technique is only one of many she has in her Clinical EFT toolbag). When the technique is described, it might sound like something that wouldn’t work at all, because it’s simple and a little strange. When I suspended disbelief that this would work, the surprise that I felt at the end of the session after experiencing how well it worked, elevated my positive feelings.

The way a skilled practitioner like Julia leads a client through it makes all the difference. Julia’s energy is calm, confident, and affirming. The session with her was like being held in loving, healing energy. I left the session feeling relieved, hopeful, and energized.

Thank you, Julia!

Caitlin A.

In my second session with Julia we worked with a deep family issue using “Tell the story”. During one part of my recollection I saw a vision of a group of my female ancestors, all weeping. Julia guided me to a transformational conclusion to the session, where I understood that the intense emotional pain I was feeling belonged not only to me, but also to my ancestors. My session with Julia opened the door to healing for us all. I am following through with a book she recommended, “Tapping for Ancestral healing” by Jacqui Crooks.

After the session I took a nap. When I woke up the pain in my hip that had been quite intense, was gone and I could walk easily. Julia is a skilled and sensitive practitioner. I feel fortunate to have found her!

Blue lotus flower


I never realized how important it was to pay attention to my subconscious and it’s power in sabotaging my efforts and conscious beliefs about my life.

Thanks to the belief change work with Julia I am finding more peace, calm, acceptance, and deep change that is having significant impact in my self-confidence and self expression. I feel I have more to contribute to my relationships.

I am still new to this, but I am looking forward to learning so much more.